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1What is a Postgraduate or Prep Program?
Anyone who has graduated from high school and has not entered college is considered a Postgraduate or PG. Postgraduate programs can be for one semester or for a full year depending on the program and the needs of the individual.
2Who is a candidate for a postgraduate program?
Reasons for pursuing a Postgraduate program depend on the individual. Some of the most common reasons for an athlete include: - Need further development as an athlete. - Need further physical growth and development. - Need to raise GPA for NCAA or a specific school. - Need to raise SAT or ACT for NCAA or specific school. - Need exposure at a higher level of competition. - Unhappy with college choices coming out of high school.
3When do you apply to a Postgraduate program?
Most candidates who are considering a PG year are concurrently also considering college choices as well. The earlier you begin the process, the better as spots in PG programs are even more limited than most colleges because there are many, many more colleges than PG programs and the amount of PG candidates are far greater than the amount of spots available on a national basis. Basic supply and demand.
4What are the pros of attending a Postgraduate or Prep program?
- Prep Schools are for 1 year - You can take the time to improve your SAT, ACT test scores - Prep school provides you with a structured year away from home to learn life skills like: how to look after yourself, time management, self responsibility, maturity, etc. - You compete every day against players who are pushing hard for the same thing as you (this will help you to raise your game level) - You will be playing against college level talent. - You get exposure - Many college coaches come to watch and recruit players from prep schools a Prep schools are known to be recruiting grounds for college coaches. - -
5Does a student-athlete use their NCAA eligibility at the North Florida Tigers?
All full-time college students use their NCAA eligibility, regardless of their participation in sports. Once a student enrolls in college full time they start their NCAA athletic eligibility clock. This clock can only be stopped for special circumstances (religious mission or military service). Student-athletes at North Florida are eligible to attend classes part-time depending on their academic standing coming out of high school. By attending school part-time a student-athlete is able to hold off from using their NCAA playing eligibility. Again, this is only available to students who meet the academic criteria. For information regarding NCAA rules and qualification standards, please visit www.ncaa.org. Click on “Academics and Athletes” then “Eligibility and Recruiting.” The Eligibility Center Web site at www.ncaaclearinghouse.net. For questions please call the NCAA Eligibility Center toll-free at 877-262-1492.
6How will my son get his film seen and get recruited?
The North Florida Tigers use Hudl (www.hudl.com) for the creation of highlight tapes, film breakdown, film study, and recruiting. Players have access to their Hudl accounts so they can create their highlights and have a presentable professional “resume” for college coaches. We also get each player a NCSA recruiting profile that allows for our students to get in front of more college coaches not to mention our coaches have relationships with several college coaches to help with the recruiting process.
7How do colleges view students who complete a postgraduate semester/year?
College admission offices generally appreciate any program or course of study which enhances the probability that students will be well prepared to succeed upon matriculation at their institutions. Hundreds of colleges across the nation enroll students each year from postgraduate semester/year programs and have done so for a long time, for the concept of a post graduate, or “PG,” semester/year between high school and college is not new.

Recruiting Exposure

The goal of every student-athlete at North Florida is to play college football at a four year program. The North Florida Tigers maintain relationships with some of the most well-recognized programs in the country. Our coaching staff works tirelessly to circulate player information to college scouts at ever level of college football. North Florida alumni have signed with nationally ranked NCAA programs such as Ohio State, University of Michigan, University of Miami, South Carolina University, University of Kentucky and many others. North Florida has earned a reputation in college football for producing quality student-athletes. It's for this reason that many of the nation's top 25 NCAA College Football teams look to the North Florida Tigers when it comes time to recruit.

Leaders in the Community

Our student-athletes participate in a variety of community service project throughout the year. Some of our recent community projects have included hosting a free youth sports camp, assisting with a neighborhood clean-up and visiting a children's hospital. The staff and students at the North Florida Tigers take great pride in helping to serve our community.


Student-athletes at North Florida have two options for fulfilling their academic requirements. All coursework offered at North Florida is fully accredited and recognized by the NCAA Clearinghouse. The NCAA Clearing House is the governing body that determines a student-athletes NCAA eligibility. All North Florida student-athletes go through the clearing house application process. For more information about the NCAA Clearinghouse please visit www.EligibilityCenter.org. The Academic Curriculum at North Florida is accredited by the middle-states which is the highest accreditation a school can receive and is the same level accreditation as UPENN.