Prep School Curriculum

Most of the student-athletes at North Florida are enrolled in our prep program which allows them to replace up to three high school courses along with preparing for and retaking their college entrance exam (SAT or ACT). Our professors and academic support team help guide the students through each course with the goal of achieving the highest grade possible. The ACT prep course offers excellent study guides and practice exams to help our students improve their ACT test results. North Florida Prep students are enrolled from August - November. The prep students complete their courses by Thanksgiving allowing them plenty of time to successfully transfer to an NCAA school by January.

Junior College Curriculum

College transfers or players who do not qualify to be a prep student are enrolled in our traditional junior college program. Junior college student-athletes attend school for approximately two years to obtain their associate degree. Athletes who do not qualify for prep status are required to obtain their associate degree before they can be eligible to transfer to an NCAA D1 or D2 school. The North Florida Tigers junior college curriculum offers a well-rounded academic experience with strong academic support and free tutoring in all subject matters. Our professors, guidance counselors and academic support staff are readily available to assist the student-athletes achieve in the classroom.


All coursework offered at North Florida is fully accredited and recognized by the NCAA Clearinghouse. The academic curriculum at North Florida is also accredited by the middle-states which is the highest accreditation a school can receive and is the same level accreditation as Ivy League schools. The NCAA Clearinghouse is the governing body that determines a student-athletes NCAA eligibility. All North Florida student-athletes will go through the clearing house application process. For more information about the NCAA Clearinghouse please visit www.Eligibility

Academic Standards

North Florida student-athletes must adhere to strict academic standards in order to be eligible for athletic participation. Students are required to attend one hour of team study hall per week and maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to be eligible for athletic participation. Students are deemed ineligible for athletic competition if they fail to meet attendance requirements, miss important academic assignments or fall below a 2.5 GPA. Academic progress is closely monitored by academic advisors who are assigned to each student. The academic advisors meet with the athletes twice a month to review their academic progress. All of our student-athletes have convenient access to student labs, tutors and academic advisors.