How to apply

Apply for North Florida Tigers Here:

1.Fill out our America Prep Prospect Questionnaire (Free)

2. Wait for our recruiter/ Admission Officer to contact you via email

3. Once accepted a recruiter/admission officer will give you a call and North Florida Athletics Deposit ($200) is due (Within 30 days)

4. Deposit is nonrefundable and includes processing of paperwork/intake by our administration. Once Deposit is received you will receive a letter of intent to sign at your school’s athletic department or at home and then an invite to our North Florida Tigers Senior Day Combine and Open House.

LETTER OF INTENT: After deposit is made of $200 North Florida Tigers will email you a letter of Intent for you to Sign and Tweet and put on social media. Please Tag @NorthFLTigers on twitter and Instagram. Then Email photo to

5. (As Needed) Notify us for Sign up for online Academic Program , SAT PREP, or confirm your enrollment or enroll in a local community college. (Players must participate in an academic program, SAT prep, NCAA approved online courses, and or our you must be attending a Community College that meets our private prep program requirements).

6. Request & Start payments for Housing and SAT or ACT Prep (As needed)

Note: Must be a graduating senior in High School or Recent HS Graduate to apply. All players must be high school graduates with a Diploma at the start of the North Florida Prep football Season. (Our Schools mission is to give a second opportunity to academically ineligible players who want to prepare for College, Prepare for the SAT/ACT, or improve Athletic Skills and training or want to participate in a Sports program local Community College does not offer). *Player must have graduated High School and Received Diploma by time of Program start.

North Florida Prep Academy is not an accredited College, Junior College, or University, or school of higher education but rather the North Florida Tigers are a private and independent Prep Post – graduate Athletics Academy presented by North Florida Tigers Inc. DBA as “North Florida Prep” aimed at playing amateur athletic matches at the Post Graduate & Junior College level as a regional club football team.

ACADEMIC TUITION: Please see Academic tab for Academics, Tuition, SAT/ACT prep and Housing

Junior Colleges

ASA Institute of Technology
Miami, FL
Tuition & Housing – $23,958 per year

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Perkinston, MS
Tuition & Housing – $20,268 per year

Lackawanna College
Lackawanna, PA
Tuition & Housing – $25,200 per year

Prep Schools

Palmetto Prep Sports Academy
Columbia, SC
Tuition & Housing – $17,000 per year

Georgia Military Academy
Milledgville, GA
Tuition & Housing – $19,664