Scholarship Questionnaire

Preparing for the expenses that accompany obtaining a college education can be mentally and financially draining. If you find yourself in a position of needing to cover specific or miscellaneous educational expenses, I am here to help you.

Throughout each year, agencies and companies seek to award students with scholarships to assist with the funding of their college education. For the past 6 years I have made myself available to students and parents to help with locating scholarships and drafting scholarship letters.

The ways that I have assisted with scholarships is by providing a list of various scholarships, providing assistance with honing in on specific scholarships, and assisting with drafting a scholarship letter.

There is a nominal fee that ranges from $35-$50 to obtain a list of various scholarships and various sites for scholarships, to receive assistance with honing in on specific scholarships, and to receive assistance with drafting a scholarship letter. The fee depends on if assistance is needed to hone in on specific scholarships.

When assisting with drafting a scholarship letter, the following questions would need to be answered.

First Name (required)*
Last Name (required)*
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Why do you believe you should be selected for the scholarship? How will it benefit you?
What are your goals and aspirations that require you to have a college education?
What college/university are you attending and why did you choose the college/university?
Talk about a difficult time that you had to overcome and how it has made you a better/thriving person?
Who motivates you to be all that you can be and encourages you when you need it?
What should the scholarship recruiters know about you?
How will you use your education to better the community, the college/university, and yourself?
What is your career goal and why did you choose it?
How will you maintain your focus and dedication to education when many distractions of college life surround you and you are away from home?

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