What’s people say’s about us

I’m thankful for Gattaca Football for giving young men an opporturnity to live there dream and play college football. I believe Gattaca football is on the rise and I’m glad to be a part of this prog ram in any capacity. I believe strongly in the character building and lessons taught at Gattaca Football between the white lines which will carry on in life.

Noah Willbanks

FCA Founder, FCA Network

Gattaca Football is changing lives and providing opportunities to athletes who are in the same spot I was in. I remember playing junior college football and having to work my way up the ladder. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

Darnell Stapleton

Offensive Lineman #72, 2009 Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, Rutgers University

I send guys to Gattaca every year because they get my former players placed all over the country. In the past two years alone they have successfully signed five of my former players to NCAA schools.

Coach Carter

Football Coach, Carver High School

Within a few days of being introduced to Gattaca I had more than ten schools offering me scholarships. And, last week I signed a full athletic scholarship to Seton Hill University (NCAA Division II). I owe it all to Gattaca football. If you have Dreams to play collegiate ball Gattaca football will make them come True!

Darvin Henderson

Wide Receiver, Seton Hill University

I spent just one spring semester at Gattaca before signing an NCAA scholarship last summer. I highly recommend Gattaca to players who need help with recruiting or need to go the JuCo route.

Delaney Wallace

Running Back, Pace University

Gattaca Football definitely helps their athletes get recruited to four year schools. Gattaca is a second or even last chance for many athletes. If they take advantage of what Gattaca offers they will go very far.

Kamar Jordan

Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings